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1. Call Law Enforcement out to the scene. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) are unbiased/neutral people (people not involved in the crash) who find which driver is at fault and is liable for the crash. If the LEO does not want to come out or asks to do just a Driver's Exchange, insist that he/she comes out and does an actual crash investigation. Without a crash investigation, you will not get a crash report meaning you will not have the LEO's professional opinion as to which driver is at fault and has liability. Give your side of the facts - do not let the other driver or any other witnesses intimidate you. Stand up for yourself! 2. Take pictures! Take pictures of everything - your car, the defendant's car, the crash scene location, any visible injuries to yourself. If possible, take pictures of the cars just as they were when the crash happened (before moving them). If you are hurt too badly, ask a friend or family member to take pictures to document everything. 3. Find any and all witnesses. Unbiased witnesses are very helpful! Make sure to get the witnesses' name, number, and address for future communication with the witness. Also make sure to get their statements: find out what they saw and what they could testify to seeing. Remember, evidence is key in a car crash! 4. Call Elle Rudisill Law Firm at 813-920-ELLE (3553). Insurance adjusters will treat you differently if you are not represented by an attorney. Elle Rudisill Law Firm will be your advocate and will fight for you. Do not give any recorded statements to any insurance company without first consulting with Elle Rudisill Law Firm. Recorded statements can destroy a case. Also, once you contact Elle Rudisill Law Firm, make sure to stay into contact. Communication is vital in a car crash case!

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