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Another Misconception in Personal Injury Law

Where Is My Million Dollars??

Many victims of personal injury car accidents think that they are entitled to a million dollars. And it is not their fault for having this misconception. There are tons of billboards everywhere that say "so and so got me $2.5 million"; "so and so got me $800,000"; etc. However, most victims of car accidents do not see that much money. As a matter of fact, most personal injury car crashes settle for much, much less. Why is that? Settlements for car crashes are based on three things: car insurance coverage, liability, and injuries. If the car insurance coverage is only $10,000, the most the car accident victim will get for this personal injury claim is $10,000 - minus medical bills and attorney's fees. If there is an issue with liability, the case will have to go to suit and the victim may not get any money. If there is a million dollar policy but the victim has a few bruises and no permanent damages, he or she will get very little money. Quite literally, personal injury cases are based on the facts. The more injuries you have and the more insurance coverage there is, the more money you will receive. Little injuries or little insurance coverage means little money.

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